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2020 legislative priorities


We are excited to welcome Jonathan Stickland, former Texas House of Representatives, as our speaker on Monday' August 16th. 

Jonathan Stickland was a member of the Texas House representing HD92. He assumed office in 2013 and left office on January 11, 2021.

He was a member of the Texas Freedom Caucus, a legislative caucus in the state House. According to the group's website, the caucus aims to support "liberty-minded, grassroots Texans who want bold action to protect life, strengthen families, defend the U.S. and Texas Bills of Rights, restrain government and revitalize personal and economic freedoms in the State of Texas."

On June 24, 2019, Jonathan announced that he would not seek re-election to the state House in 2020.   With his announcement he said:

“Eight years was enough for George Washington, and it certainly is for me,” he posted on Facebook. “After much prayerful consideration and reflection, I have determined it is not the Lord’s will for me to seek re-election.

“Instead, I intend to dedicate more time to my family, my church, and my business,” he wrote. “It was never my intention to grow old in office.”

Jonathan is a firebrand and is an awesome speaker.  He was a master at killing bad bills which is just as important as passing good ones.   

Join us as he gives you an inside baseball look at why Austin is broken! 

WHERE: Denton County Elections                          701 Kimberly Dr.
Denton TX 76208 

WHEN:   Monday, July 19th                                      6:30 P.M. - FELLOWSHIP                          7:00 P.M. - MEETING 

Come join us for a great evening!  We look forward to seeing you. 

First time guests are always welcome! 


Cut and paste this safe link:  https://fliphtml5.com/qiou/txsk

There are 8 GOP Legislative Priorities that were voted on by several thousand delegates at the Texas State GOP Convention last spring.  WE ARE WAITING FOR A SPECIAL SESSION TO GET THE REST OF THESE PRIORITIES PASSED.  Here is a good way to take action and fight for Texas rights and freedoms.  This flipbook has been created to bring you up to speed on each priority, which bills need to be passed that support them, talking points to help you get others engaged for action.  All contacts are listed for legislators, SREC members and where to get updates.  Be sure to read the first page.  There are links for you to learn more, receive updated and ongoing information and get ready to fight for Texans.  Here is the safe link to reach the flipbook:





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