Membership to D3C

Both NEW and RENEWING members must complete the membership form below.  Each member MUST agree to the six mandatory D3C principles.  These mandatory principles are listed in all CAPS in the membership form.  Members must also agree to at least twelve (12) of the fifteen (15) principles.  You can also read the D3C Principles => here.

Membership is a two (2) step process.  The first step is to complete the membership form and agree to the primary principle at a minimum.  The second step is to pay the membership dues via PayPal.

STEP 1 - Membership Application

 - The 6 mandatory principles in CAPS must be agreed to for membership.

 - At least 12 of the 15 principles must be agreed to.

Step 2 - Payment

Yearly Membership Dues (Jan. 1 through Dec. 31)

Individual Membership:  $30

Husband and Wife Membership:  $45

You can pay with PayPal or use a Credit or Debit Card.

D3C Annual Membership