Denton County Conservative Coalition

By Laws

Article 1 – The name of the organization shall be Denton County Conservative Coalition, a.k.a. D3C.   

Article 2 Mission Statement/Objectives  

  • Section A. – Mission Statement  
    • The D3C mission is to provide an environment for conservative issues and ideas to be promoted effectively to elected office holders and citizens. D3C seeks to impact government on all levels through conservative education, research and activism.
  • Section B. – Objectives  
    • To promote an informed electorate through political education, public policy and outreach 
    • To increase the effectiveness of citizens in the cause of good government 
    • To recruit, identify and work for the election of conservative candidates using the vetting and endorsement process
    • To support limiting both the size and scope of government and taxes
    • To support ONLY government regulation that is based on the Founding Principles of the United States of America as described in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    • To support individual rights, personal responsibility, free enterprise, good citizenship and economic opportunity for all – regardless of race, creed or color at every level of government.
    • To boldly declare Constitutional Principles and stand ready to debate and defend them in the public square.

Article 3 Principles  

  1. The United States is an exceptional nation based on the Judeo-Christian Founding Principles which include the freedom and protection of individual rights as guaranteed to citizens by the U.S. Constitution.  
  2. The federal government should balance its budget and cut spending.  Economic success depends on free market principles. 
  3. All life is precious from fertilization to natural death and should be protected. 
  4. Immigration law should be strictly enforced.   The federal government must enforce national security.  Texas must protect its sovereignty and freedoms.
  5. Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Government has no role in the institution of marriage. 
  6. Those who make, interpret, and enforce the law, shall adhere to the original language and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas.
  7. The United States military should be strong, prepared, well-funded and in a perpetual state of world-class readiness.
  8. Only U.S. Constitutional Laws should be considered in an American courtroom. 
  9. Parents should have freedom of choice in the education of their children.
  10. American families have the inalienable right to defend themselves, to be self sufficient, to embrace personal accountability and responsibility without government interference. 


Article 4 – Current Issues

  1. Sexualizing children in schools and libraries must be stopped. 
  2. Domestic energy independence should be achieved using all possible means:  increased drilling, large pipeline projects, clean coal technology, natural gas expansion, responsible fracking, conservation, alternative fuels, etc.
  3. Election Integrity must be secured by all means necessary to assure all citizens that their vote counts.
  4. Bills must be supported and passed to protect minor children from gender modification whether by surgeries, hormone therapy or psychological therapy.
  5. Taxpayer funded lobbying must be curtailed to prevent citizens’ taxes from being used against them.
  6. The Texas grid must be secured against cyberattacks and unreliable power sources to assure all Texans have heat and air conditioning on a full time basis.
  7. Executive Powers should be detailed and better defined to prevent overreach in Texas.  In times of emergency or crisis, special sessions should be called by the governor OR by a majority vote of the legislature.  Currently, only the governor can call a special session.
  8. Secure the border and protect Texans must be achieved.

Article 5 Executive Committee

  • Section A. Officers  

The officers of this Organization shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. All officers and any appointed committee Chairs shall be registered voters with a consistent voting history

  • Section B. Duties of Officers

President – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and of the Executive  Committee, shall appoint chairs of all standing and special committees with the majority approval of the Executive Committee, shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees  except the Nominating Committee, and shall have general supervision of the work of the  Organization. 

Vice-President – The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President whenever the President is absent or otherwise unable to serve and such other duties as the President may designate. They shall work together to attain the goals and objectives of the Organization. 

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible to file the proper reports with the appropriate authorities and to ensure proper procedures are followed regarding disbursement of funds. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping financial records of the organization. The Treasurer will be the Chair of the Finance Committee. Disbursement of funds will require the approval of two officers of the Organization or PAC Committee member.  Disbursements over $250 will require Executive Board approval.

Secretary – The Secretary shall keep and provide membership a factual and unbiased written record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Organization and the Executive Committee and shall perform such additional duties as may be required of the office.

  • Section C. Term of Office:  

The term of office for officers and committee chairs shall be two-years. All officers shall be elected in November of even numbered years and shall serve a two year term. Officers are expected to attend all called meetings and executive committee meetings. 

  • Section D. Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Officers and available past presidents.

  • Section E. Nominations and Elections of Officers

A nominating committee of not less than 3 shall be appointed in October with the approval of the Executive Committee. The Chair of this Committee shall be appointed by the President of the Organization and shall report, based upon the recommendations of this Committee, one nominee for each office. Notice of these recommendations shall be sent to the membership priorto the November meeting. Nominations may also be accepted from the floor. If there is more than one nominee for an office, the vote will take place by paper ballot.

Article 6 – Membership

To be considered a member of D3C, a person must:

  • Agree with all ten (10) D3C principles
  • Be a registered voter of Denton County. 
  • Membership to be renewed yearly every January. The annual dues will be valid from January 1 to December 31 of current year.  Membership renewal opens in October for the following calendar year.
  • Annual membership dues are available at various levels of support:
  • Patriot:  1 year $30; Patriotic Couple (husband and wife): $45;  Patriotic Family: $55
  • Freedom-fighter:  1 year $100
  • Warrior:  1 year $1000+
  • Lifetime member:  lifetime $3,000 
  • Dues shall not be pro-rated but shall be paid in full.  Dues are non-refundable.
  • Change of membership dues:  The dues for D3C shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  Any recommended changes in dues subsequent to the current amounts shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee. 

Article 7 – Meetings

The organization will meet monthly at the discretion of the executive committee.

Article 8 – Endorsement   

The Vetting Committee process and procedure may be found at

  • An endorsement election will be held for members in good standing.
  • In order for a candidate to be endorsed by the Organization, at least two-thirds (2/3rds) of the votes cast in that race must vote in favor of endorsement. 
  • No member shall be eligible to vote for candidate endorsement unless they have been a paid member for at least 60 days prior to the endorsement election.

Article 9 – Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, or the latest edition thereof, shall govern all proceedings, except where inconsistent with the bylaws of this Organization.

Article 10 – Amendments  

These bylaws replace all prior bylaws in their entirety.  Amendments to the D3C Bylaws require a 2/3rds vote of members present provided there is a quorum, and will be considered at the annual meeting in January or at such time as revision is needed. 

End of Articles

Approved and recorded, July 18, 2022