D3C Principles

The principles in bold (with “*”) are the mandatory principles.  To be a member, you must agree to all the mandatory principles and at least twelve (12) of the total fifteen (15) principles.
  1. The United States is an exceptional nation, from our founding to present-day. The United States is the greatest country history has ever known.
  2. The federal government should balance its budget. (*)
  3. All life is precious from fertilization to death and should be protected. (*)
  4. Current immigration law should be strictly enforced and the federal government should use resources to enforce national security.
  5. Our Freedoms are protected by the Bill of Rights. (*)
  6. Marriage is between one man and one woman. (*)
  7. Those who make, interpret, and enforce the law, only by the intent as it was originally written shall use the Constitution. (*)
  8. The United States military should be strong, prepared, well-funded and in a perpetual state of world-class readiness.
  9. Freedom in the workplace is essential and each Texan should have the right to work and should not be compelled to join and/or pay dues to a union.
  10. Americans are overtaxed and as such government (especially at the federal level) should focus on reducing spending rather than raising taxes.
  11. Americans should be required to produce a government issued photo identification before casting a ballot in any election.
  12. Only U.S. Constitutional Laws should be considered in an American courtroom. (*)
  13. Domestic energy independence should be achieved using all possible means; (increased drilling, large pipeline projects, clean coal technology, natural gas expansion, responsible fracking, conservation, alternative fuels etc.).
  14. Current federal entitlements are unsustainable over the long term, and they must be reformed or we will risk government insolvency.
  15. Parents should have increased educational choices for their children.