Candidate Vetting Process

Denton County Conservative Coalition (D3C)  is an organization for conservative issues and ideas to be promoted while impacting government on all levels through conservative outreach and activism.  Our primary purpose is education and our mission is vetting and endorsing candidates.  
D3C  selects races to be considered for endorsement primarily from contested races  but may  use additional criteria to select the races.   Once races are selected, ALL of the candidates in those races are  sent an invitation to participate in the form of  a letter or an email and letter. Those addresses are obtained from the authority responsible for the election such as the Secretary of State in Primary elections.  Candidates are responsible for the addresses and email addresses given to the election authority.    After the initial invite,  follow-up invitations are sent as well to try and obtain participation of all candidates in that race.  
In order to be considered for endorsement the candidate must follow the D3C process within the deadlines provided for that election.   
D3C vetting process requires the candidate to complete the following:  
  1. Candidate Contact Information as requested on the initial invitation that contains to address, email and phone number used to contact the candidate  for the remainder of the process. The candidate is responsible for the accuracy of that information.
  2. Questionnaires related to the office sought provided by D3C.
  3. Video-Taped In person Interviews with the vetting committee (although candidates outside of Denton county may request an interview via Live video conference)
Ultimately it is the candidate’s choice  to  complete all steps within D3C timelines that determines whether he/she will be considered for endorsement,  To be endorsed, the candidate must receive a minimum of 2/3s of the votes cast in that race.  
Following In-Person interviews  the Vetting Committee makes Recommendations. Those recommendations, the questionnaires, and video are available to the membership.   The membership votes to determine whether there will or will not be an endorsement in each race.  In races where no single candidate reaches a 2/3rds threshold for endorsement, the top two vetted candidates by D3C votes are "recommended" to the voter and noted as "pick one".